457 Visa Holder Eligibility Requirements

For information on eligibility criteria and FAQs for applicants who currently reside on a 457 visa please download the following document:

AGPT applicants who hold a current 457 visa must in addition to the programme eligibility components, fulfil the following:

  • Obtained a primary medical qualification in Australia or New Zealand  
  • Supply a current/active permanent residency application OR a completed Statutory Declaration (see related documents)
  • Supply a letter of support from each regional training organisation who currently occupies their nominated training region/s
  • Supply a completed letter of support confirmation letter

Overseas Trained Doctors who currently reside on a 457 visa are not eligible for entry into the AGPT programme for entry in 2017 unless they obtain Australian/New Zealand permanent residency prior to close of applications (10am AEDT 11 October 2016).

457 visa holder forms

457 visa holders letters of support

457 visa holders who fulfil all the eligibility criteria, must provide a letter of support from each regional training organisation who currently occupies their nominated training region/s.

A letter of support is written confirmation from your nominated training region stating their capacity to support your training on the AGPT programme within the bounds of your visa restrictions. 

A letter of support is not a guarantee of shortlisting or an offer of a training place.

In order to provide you with a letter of support the regional training organisation who currently occupies your nominated training region/s must confirm there is an accredited general practice within their region that is willing and able to sponsor your employment and training throughout the programme.

Regional training organisations or the Department of Health are unable to sponsor applicant's training or employment.

457 visa holders confirmation letter

Once the Department of Health has received an applicant's letter/s of support, the applicant is required to submit a completed 2017 AGPT 457 Confirmation Letter (available above) to the Department of Health. 

This letter states the obligations the applicant is agreeing to fulfil prior to the completion of the AGPT programme. Without this confirmation the applicant is unable to be shortlisted to their supported training region.

For further information on applying as a 457 visa holder contact the Department of Health on 1800 DR AGPT ( 1800 372478 ) Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm AEST or email AGPTSelection@health.gov.au

If you are calling from overseas please phone: +61 2 6289 2666.

Please note: Not all regional training organisations will accept 457 visa holders for the 2017 AGPT Selection process. 

For further information please download the 457 Training Organisation Support List:

Please be advised North Western Queensland is unable to accept further 457 visa applicants in the Second Intake, applicants from the first intake with a letter of support are unable to renominate North Western Queensland in the second intake