AGPT application and selection process

The AGPT Program selection process is jointly led by the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP). 

Each college runs its own merit-based process to select applicants for the AGPT Program.

The Department of Health is responsible for assessing an applicant's eligibility for the AGPT Program. For further information on the eligibility requirements to join the AGPT Program, visit the following page within the AGPT website:


MMM Transition - Please note:
The AGPT Program will use the Modified Monash Model (MMM) classification system from 1 January 2020. This will impact current applicants for the 2020 AGPT Program. 
The MMM is a new classification system that better categorises metropolitan, regional, rural and remote areas according to both geographical remoteness and town size. The system was developed to recognise the challenges in attracting health workers to more remote and smaller communities. It replaces the Australian Standard Geographical Classification - Remoteness Areas (ASGC-RA 2006) system. Please review the update policies via the link below:

The MMM transition will result in a small number of accredited training practices moving from the general to the rural pathway. Some accreditied training practices will also move from the rural to the general pathway. Updated maps of the eleven training regions are available via the link below:

Further information, including a searchable interactive map, is available on the DoctorConnect website via the link below:

For information about specific training region locations, and any impact this may have on preferences for the 2020 AGPT Program, please speak to your preferred training organisation. 
AGPT Fact Sheets:

Applicants with questions about the AGPT application process and eligibility requirements can contact the AGPT Eligibility team at:

Telephone: 1800 DR AGPT (1800 37 2478)

Applicants interested in training towards fellowship with ACRRM through the AGPT Program should contract ACRRM for specific information about their selection and assessment process at:

Telephone: 1800 223 226

Applicants interested in training towards fellowship with the RACGP through the AGPT Program should contact the RACGP for specific information about their selection and assessment process at:

Telephone: 1800 472 247