Snippets for Supervisors

The Supervisor-Registrar Educational Alliance

Below is a framework of the processes that underpins the GP supervisor and registrar educational alliance. This web of supervisor’s educational activities within the alliance represents the foundation of learning. 
Practical tips and information on how to facilitate each component (originally from the Snippets for Supervisors series) are provided below the web. 


Source: Wearne S, Dornan T, Teunissen PW, Skinner T. 'General practitioners as supervisors in postgraduate clinical education: an integrative review. Medical Education. 2012, 46: 1161–1173.

Tips to facilitate the Educational Alliance

Expert Clinician & Ensure Patient Safety

Organises the learning environment

Assesses registrar’s learning needs

Facilitates learning

Provides resources

Promotes reflection

Provides feedback

Models GP roles

Monitors the registrar learning

Monitors the learning process

Attends to registrar’s well-being

Summarises Learning